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Tricia Keffer Paris France Photography

Tricia at Monet’s Gardens

Tricia Keffer Monet Gardens Giverney France

Tricia visited the famous Claude Monet’s Gardens in 2008. It’s a masterpiece. It’s hard not to be awed and amazed at every turn. The gardens (and famous city parks in Paris, France) inspired the next step on her creative career ladder. She went back to Graduate School and earned her Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture at Florida International University in Miami, FL. She lived in the upper Key Largo area during school. And, enjoyed the wonderful wild areas of Key Largo, Florida

Post graduation, Tricia worked as the horticulture professional at Playa Largo Resort & Spa. She worked with the landscape contractor to repair and replace the damage from Hurricane Irma and bring the resort to pre- hurricane standards. She also worked with the upper management to do the planting plans for the remaining county inspections and did a conceptual design for the walking trail.

Her life goal is to be a Tropical Claude Monet.

Tricia Keffer Monet Gardens

While building her vacation travel business, Tricia had the opportunity to study and learn about the beautiful locations in the Paris, France area. She studied and took photographs of the gardens and plants. The layout and design of the colors and visual strategies of the garden. The joy of gardening is hard to put into words. Being surrounded by the flower essences and the colorful displays all around you, is calming and delighful. It takes being surrounded by so much beauty to feel the excitment and joy that inspired Claude Monet to create such timeless and perfect masterpieces.

During Tricia’s Planting Theory class during her studies for her Masters Degree, she did an indepth study of the planting plans from Monet’s Gardens. We should be artful with our horticulture designs. While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, centuries of Art History (Tricia also earned a minor in Art History) have informed us of the principals that can be seen in all masterpieces. She studied the layout of the alles and the curving path of the water pond and how it joins and works together to create a symphony of paths, colors, and harmonies for a combined experience of joy and happiness for the guest.

It takes many interdisciplary sciences to create great art in the landscape: art, visual strategies, horticuture, and construction. Tricia can bring this to your wealth of knowledge to your home landscape.

Tricia Keffer Paris France photography

Tricia spent her time in Paris, France scouting new locations for her vacation portrait clients. Her business idea was featured on Good Morning America – Tricia & Co. Family Vacation Photographers. During her afternoons, she spent time in the corner gardens found on almost every block. She studied the layout for her portrait sessions and often wanted to make changes for portrait session clients. However, that’s not possible. Another reason she wanted to study Landscape Architecture, was to bring the lovely parks to Florida. We should love our state and demonstrate our pride with beautiful gardens that we can all enjoy. Its a respise from a hard days work. And, yes we all work hard at our jobs. There are family moments to share and celebrate and times for reflection on loss. These public spaces can provide us with solace and inspiration. At the same time! 

In the future, look for Tricia to start designing and re-designing public parks in Florida. If we can’t personally viist Monet’s gardens, we should all be able to enjoy a beautiful garden setting in our local streets and neighborhoods.

When did Claude Monet build his gardens?

Claude Monet purchased the property near Giverny in 1890. Slowly and stead, he builds a studio and studio garden. He is well known for continuing his education about plants and horticulture. And, frequently attends shows and buys plants from abroad.

Reference: Click HERE

How do you travel to Monet’s Gardens from Paris, France?

Tricia used the Rick Steves guidebooks to travel from Paris to Giverney. Her suggestion is to take the first train from Gare St. Lazarre to Vernon stop. From there a tour bus is ready to take visitors directly to the gardens. She also took the bike tour. That’s fun. There are several bike rentals in town to ride directly out to the gardens and enjoy the beautiful homesteads along the route. For more information see Rick Steves Europe. Click HERE.

What was Claude Monet’s final masterpiece?

The water lillies –  ‘Water Lilies Grandes Décorations’ was installed at Musée de l’Orangerie in 1927. It was meant for a respite from the troubles of the war for the people in the City of Paris. See reference links above.

What inspired did Tricia take away from Monet’s Gardens?

The colors and the outdoors. Tricia grew up in a rural area and her parents inspired a love of trees, plants and gardens. She loves flowers (as most people do) and since she was in Paris; she decided to go and see the real thing for herself. As so many people are inspired by the gardens, Tricia took it seriously. Her goal is to be a Tropical Claude Monet.

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