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What Tricia really does –

What does Tricia do?

Tricia Keffer, MLA Landscape Architecture FIU 2018
Tricia Keffer MLA Landscape Architecture
Landscape Plans
Tricia Keffer Florida AutoCADD
Landscape designing
Tricia Keffer landscape site visit
Masters in Landscape Architecture

What is it exactly?

Since my graduation with a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture, I’ve encountered many misconceptions. We design and direct the construction of hardscape (pools, sidewalks, outdoor spas and the like) and softscape (trees and plants). The hard labor of constructing the project is chiefly done by the landscapers contractors. Much like a construction worker at a building takes direction from an architect, we direct the landscapers for the design outside the building.

Draw circles?

We do more than draw

The final result of the design process is the construction documents for the landscaper company. It is full of circles and line but do not let the simplicity fool you. Much thought and research goes into each and every line. We follow the state, local and sometimes federal codes for the landscape. In streetscape design, we follow safety codes and fire codes too.

You’ll find landscape architecture in most government agencies. The Florida Transportation hires us for highway roadside landscape and grading of the land. Many municipalities hire us to not just follow code but to add an artistic flair to the new downtown streetscape. We work in parks and recreation with the counties. There are many individuals who work with commercial, masterplanning, and residential clients. Basically, anything outside the building is our domain.

Hand Drawings

Design processes

It’s about functional art. Let’s face it. At different times in our life, we have various budget constraints. I understand. We offer a variety of services too. Do you require just plant design, irrigation, hardscape (driveways and sidewalks), pools, outdoor spas, outdoor kitchens.


AutoCADD, Adobe Creative Suite

This is the final stage for presentations and for the collobrative creative process with architects, engineers, and contractors

Construction Administration

Observe and RFIs

Tricia is still there for you in the implentation process. She is available for observation and RFIs. Requests for information. It’s hard work. Knowing what to look for and how to communicate with your contractor is the finally piece of the puzzle. Much hard work goes into the design process but it means nothing if we can not bring it to reality. Tricia has also taken additional construction classes in scheduling and documents in order to ensure a smooth transition from paper to reality for your beautiful landscape.