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Who We Are

Tricia Keffer Paris France Photography


First and foremost, we are creative artists. It just happens that we use plant material and hardscape as a canvas. Landscape design (hardscape and plantscape) requires more than artistic expression. There are real issues to resolve in a construction project. That’s where my education gives me the edge. Art degrees are not just about paint and paper. It takes analysis and design thinking skills to work through space relationships to achieve a functional, beautiful results for my clients.

Landscape Plans


That’s why you should hire our services. You see, I also have a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture with additional classes in construction. When the inspector comes to the property to verify the submitted documents with the site, you’ll want someone who can commutate effectively and efficiently with them. Construction delays with permits can be costly. It’s important to get it right the first time and resolve any differences immediately.

Tricia Keffer Monet Gardens Giverney France


There are many professionals in any field of business. We truly are different. We take more than just the required continuing educational requirements for our profession. Check out my podcast and youtube channel. You’ll see that we actively read and research our professional journals and reputable sources for trends, techniques, and updated regulations to give you the best in design services possible.

That’s my promise to you the clients. It’s not just another motto on a website. We appreciate that you are spending you hard earned money with our company and we sincerely want you to  – not just be happy with the outcome but thrilled and smiling every time you enjoy your new landscape.

Tricia Keffer Monet Gardens Giverney France


Precedent and instructional lineage counts. In art history, law, and music, who your teacher is counts. Every profession builds on the previous accomplishments. Landscape Architecture is an evolving profession. Tricia is taking it a step up to push the advancement of lineage to the ASLA organzation. Tricia is an accomplished musican, artist, academic, and landscape designer because she had wonderful teachers. She invites you to check out the links below.

Tricia is well educated in all faucets of design thinking and practice. The critical thinking skills she developed from her advanced degrees and practical experience in art, horticulture, and construction will be applied to your project. It is a multidisciplinary field that requires collaboration and cooperation from county inspectors and subcontractors.


Lineage Education

Tricia’s Professors

Florida FNGLA Horticulture certificate
Tricia Keffer BA Art FIU
Tricia Keffer landscape artist
Tricia Keffer Mike Oliver award 2019
Tricia Keffer, MLA Landscape Architecture FIU 2018
Tricia Keffer Flute choir Niceville, FL
Tricia Keffer dolphin trainer

Horticulture Education

Florida Horticulture State Certificate and (soon) Florida Friendly Landscape Professional. This is a prestigious and hard earned certificate. It’s a state certification exam with four components. It covers everything from plant biology, nursery operations, to delivery, and plant installation and maintenance. Tricia took the time to study to gain a deeper understanding of plants in order to serve her clients needs.

Shelia Dunning Instruction Okaloosa County. Click HERE.

Academy Art Certificate

Academy of Portrait & Figurative Art, FIU

BA Art & Art History minor, Portrait and Figurative Academy Certificate. Art is not only painting or drawing an image. It’s about designing what the image will look like on the medium. In this case, designing with plant material. It’s utlizing design principals and rules and knowing when and where to break them for a special case. This education gave Tricia the foundation for visual thinking and analysis to make landscapes beautiful and pleasing to the human eye. If it’s only functional, it’s boring. There are many styles of creativity. Tricia will work with you to find your style and expressionism for your landscape.

Professor David Chang. Click HERE.

MLA Landscape Architecture

Masters Degree LA

The three year track at FIU gave Tricia the opportunity to research and learn about the native plants and fauna of South Florida. It’s important to know about soils, geology, and water’s impact on a design decision. We also researched master planning communities. Tricia learned the latest in design technology software as well as the industry standard Auto CADD program shared between design professionals.

Professor Juan Bueno. Click HERE.

BA Psychology, Minor Business

University of West Florida, Pensacola

Tricia was a dolphin trainer and show presenter at the Gulfarium on Okaloosa Island which lead her to major in Psychology (Learning Theory). However, her other passion was to be a business owner. With her business minor in hand she opened her own professional beach portrait studio that transformed into vacation portraits.

Menor Dr. Robin Strickland Gordan Click HERE.

Flute player

NWF State College 

Flute Choir at Northwest Florida University Robin M. Horne, principal and conductor

Niceville High School Eagle Pride Band Tom Fitzpatrick, Carnegie Hall Youth Performance, Cotton and Orange Bowl Parades, and New Orleans Saints Super Bowl pre-game show. Click HERE.

Young Artist

New Hampshire PAFB

Early childhood education can have a profound impact. I would like to thank my art teacher at Pease Air Force Base for my early art training.

Ms. Thelma Mandeville, New Hampshire. Click HERE.